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The Perils Of “Academic Outsourcing”

I’ve been having a very interesting discussion with a California CS professor. I happened to catch one of his students red handed putting their homework out for bid on a freelance programmer service. The irony is, the assignment was so simple that a quick search on any search engine would yield over twenty ways to […]

My list for 2009

I don’t see the point of having a single new year ‘resolution’. I’d rather list a bunch of stuff that I’d like to accomplish both professionally and personally .. so here’s my list broken down as such: Professional: C++ is here to stay, its not going to go away, I may as well get used […]

OLPC can work, if we work.

OLPC = One Laptop Per Child, for the current-tech-events impaired There is a proverbial ego storm raining fud all over the Internet, its been pouring now for about two days. I am sad to see that (for many) the need to express our ideals is usurping our desire to consider solutions. People are in an […]

Teach with free community soup

There is a rather insightful submission climbing its way through the Slashdot Fire Hose today, an educator has found himself without the funds needed to purchase proprietary graphics design software needed to teach his classes. The educator seems rather insightful, asking if such a predicament may be for the better, citing the fact that non-free, […]

Apple Gates Google?

People are extremely interesting. Who needs Court T.V. when you have front row seats in the court of public opinion? Blogs are blazing with Applenoid and Googlenoid people wondering if one, the other or both has become the next ‘Microsoft’. Applenoid and Googlenoid of course alluding to the special kind of paranoia surrounding both companies. […]

Why I don’t spend money on IT certifications

Some reports that were recently published talked about GNU/Linux professionals without certifications making more money with less turn over than professionals with certifications. I have never felt the need to waste my money on Linux certifications, for serveral reasons: I actively contribute to many free / open source software projects as well as GNU/Linux distributions. […]

All I want for Christmas is free information

Wikipedia needs some help. I can’t think of anything that I need for Christmas, something that I enjoy all year round is access to free information that permits me to advance my body of knowledge, broadly delivered by Wikipedia. Smart people do their holiday shopping early, this avoids a panic spending spree that leaves you […]

Can public schools be fixed?

I’m really starting to wonder about the survival of some public school systems. From what I hear, some of them are quite good. Independent school districts are also having a degree of success. What remains is, we need to live where we can work and our choices remain rather limited. I also know, some of […]

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