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My list for 2009

I don’t see the point of having a single new year ‘resolution’. I’d rather list a bunch of stuff that I’d like to accomplish both professionally and personally .. so here’s my list broken down as such: Professional: C++ is here to stay, its not going to go away, I may as well get used […]

Helen, Spartan and Sensibility

While reading freshmeat, I stumbled across an emerging operating system named HelenOS. HelenOS (after Helen of Troy) is a new operating system based on a preemptible micro kernel (Spartan) that has some really neat features. You thought microkernels were dead? Read on. Helen boots on pretty much every major architecture (even Xen friendly!). Its being […]

Sharesource looks rather promising

I had a chat today with Tim Groeneveld, the creator of Sharesource, a new kid on the block in the city of distributed collaboration tools that are offered as a service. I wasn’t simply slinking around the sourceosphere in search of the next big thing to emerge, I was looking for a Mercurial friendly service […]

GNUPanel – Poised to replace C-Panel/WHM?

One of the things I have been spending as much time as possible to advance lately is GNUPanel, a from scratch GNU-centric web hosting control and automation system, very similar to C-Panel. C-Panel is a proprietary web hosting control system produced by Cpanel, Inc. Most of us know, one server is simply not enough. The […]

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