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Self Realization

I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates who said .. “I DRANK WHAT??!!“ +1 If you can tell me what movie that was from. The wiki link is provided as a public service for the terminally uncultured (or miscultured, depending on if you consider that a word).

Revenge of the nerds

I saw a re-run of “Revenge Of The Nerds” recently, the gears in my head have been turning ever since. In seventh grade, the captain of the school wrestling team stuffed my head in a toilet and flushed it several times. Not any toilet, a ‘public school boy’s room’ toilet. In eighth grade, an over-developed […]

Google tweaks and bloggers weep

I am always fascinated with, if not captivated by the measure of delight that human beings reserve for complaining. I have yet to meet a single person in my lifetime who I have not personally witnessed complaining about something. Many Internet users (including this Internet user) have been complaining at great lengths and fervor regarding […]

Recalling my recent toy shopping

Our daughter turns 2 years old tomorrow. Yesterday, we went out to buy some birthday presents. To find out what interests our child, we take her to several toy stores and turn her loose. She’ll run through every isle making mental notes then return to several places once she’s completed her first ‘sweep’. I have […]

How culture is lost

I was reading something interesting from the BBC describing a decision by Mexico City to evict some 15,000 merchants from the city center. I believe that this decision might be a big mistake. I live in the capital of street enterprise, Manila (The Philippines). A short walk down the main road leads me to an […]

Radiohead is using their head

Radiohead announced that fans will get to pay what they want, if they want for the upcoming album In Rainbows due out on October 10 (which happens to be my birth day!). What Radiohead is going to do comes very close to what free software authors have been doing with our products for years. We […]

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