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Shared Web Hosting Is Not Dead

An old colleague of mine was telling me of his plans to finally, after almost fifteen years of working for someone else, start his own hosting venture. My first instinct was of course to offer this poor soul some Lithium, seeing that his existing salary as CTO is more than triple the amount of profit […]

C-Panel is really getting shotty

I’ve spent the majority of my morning fixing odd problems with Apache and PHP. This is not at all unusual. What is becoming very irritating is the fact that C-Panel, software that we pay for, is the cause of most of these issues. If you write proprietary software programs you have several responsibilities: Ensure that […]

GNUPanel – Poised to replace C-Panel/WHM?

One of the things I have been spending as much time as possible to advance lately is GNUPanel, a from scratch GNU-centric web hosting control and automation system, very similar to C-Panel. C-Panel is a proprietary web hosting control system produced by Cpanel, Inc. Most of us know, one server is simply not enough. The […]

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