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Time for more tutorials

I’m (nearly) done converting all of my existing documentation into Asciidoc format. Its time to write more tutorials. What remains is, what to write? I could do more Xen centric stuff, perhaps some bits on how to setup storage servers, roll your own single system image cluster? I’d rather write what people actually need. So, […]

Storage On Demand – The canvas for sensible virtualization

It is extremely difficult to keep up with 30,000 + web hosts (in the US alone) to keep a bird’s eye view of what is being adopted in the virtualization market. I spent a few hours today clicking banners and digging up statistics to make sure that my “Who’s Who” in the industry is kept […]

Yet another virtual appliance

In my on-going effort to make the building blocks for a “poor man’s” cluster, I’ve decided to get to work on some virtual appliance images suitable for use with Xen (and possibly others). Pound is a great load balancing tool. Its light weight, super easy to configure and pretty reliable. Depending on the kind of […]

Reliable, Available Or Highly Available?

I’ll probably get a bunch of hate mail over this one, but that’s nothing new Many people seem to be confused when I use the word reliable when talking about a cluster of computers, they seem to be used to the word available. In particular, they seem used to the phrase highly available. Aren’t clusters […]

GNUPanel – Poised to replace C-Panel/WHM?

One of the things I have been spending as much time as possible to advance lately is GNUPanel, a from scratch GNU-centric web hosting control and automation system, very similar to C-Panel. C-Panel is a proprietary web hosting control system produced by Cpanel, Inc. Most of us know, one server is simply not enough. The […]

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