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Avoiding ‘scope creep’

Anyone who has worked as a consultant knows the dreaded phrase ‘scope creep’, a euphemism employed to describe a situation where a customer is (usually) attempting to get services for free. Scope creep can be rather difficult to spot, usually a consultant does not realize the amount of services that they’ve provided for free until […]

To AGPL, or not to AGPL?

The GNU Affero GPL v3 was recently released, a near carbon copy of the GPL3 with an additional clause specifying some additional rules regarding software that interacts with users over a network. WordPress, for example, is software that interacts with users over a network. So are many of the new ‘web based’ operating systems, where […]

Big, fat, rich losers

In a recent press release, Jonathan Tranter unveils a plan to help anyone turn digital lead into gold. The program (named The Big Fat Rich Losers Network) aims to assist those who have lots of Internet domains that never quite took off. The thinking behind the network seems rather simple. If I have a web […]

What happened to small business networking?

Contextual ads have a place in life (and on web pages). If you are among the lucky few who drew an actual human being to your web site or blog, you’ve managed to capture their attention in some way. Contextual ads allow you to place little boxes on your web site in places that you […]

Net industries are shifting away from outsourcing

I’m a freelance consultant, technically, I am ‘outsourced help’. I’m starting to see a trend (at least in the ISP / hosting industries) to shift away from outsourced help and hire people in-house. I still get work, not many people know how to do what I do. The freelancing industry leaves you with a feast […]

ISO : Mom-and-Pop geek shops

I’m looking for some small businesses who sell all things geek and offer open ended affiliate programs. I thought about Comission Junction, as well as others, however I prefer to deal only with small businesses. Ideally, you sell or distribute stuff that geeks like, such things might include: Anything that has a laser Anything with […]

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