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SRCE interim security release 1.0.8

For those of you who use SRCE and keep up to date on news via this blog, an interim security release is available that fixes a potential privilege escalation issue in srce-execd. From the announcement on srce-devel / srce-users:

GCC has a little big bug

There’s been a flurry of concerns over some very odd behavior found in gcc, the GNU collection of compilers. Since GCC compiles much more than just C, I don’t call it the GNU C compiler any more, as that would be a bit of a misnomer. GCC has a built in abs() (absolute value) function […]

C-Panel is really getting shotty

I’ve spent the majority of my morning fixing odd problems with Apache and PHP. This is not at all unusual. What is becoming very irritating is the fact that C-Panel, software that we pay for, is the cause of most of these issues. If you write proprietary software programs you have several responsibilities: Ensure that […]

Getting over writer’s block

Did you know that you could cure a headache by rubbing a piece of ice in your palm? Perhaps you did not know that you could wash your hair with cow patties mixed with beer to stop hair loss. Of course, if you have neither a headache or a lack of hair, you might be […]

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