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Software licenses are not for linguists

There was a journal entry recently published on Slashdot which sparked several reactions. I think that it is safe to say most geeks realize that our lives will shortly depend entirely on computer software (much more than they do now). Most smart people realize the need to ensure that we keep software development as free, […]

Site and code overhaul in progress

Its been nearly a year with the same design and format, its time for something new. A few things that used to be here aren’t here anymore. Here’s a list of breakage: Code repo is (mostly) down: I’m moving all of my Mercurial repositories to another system. The bandwidth they use is getting rather high, […]

What happened to GRSH?

A dozen or so people have written in to ask me what happened to GRSH (Gridnix Shell), our souped up version of dash with special built-ins for ease of clustering. I took the repository down, I’ll explain why. GRSH started out using the POSIX compliant mini shell, dash, which is distributed under the less restrictive […]

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