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Echoreply turns 200!

No, not 200 years, 200 posts. Apparently this is some kind of milestone for a personal blog. This is post #201! Thanks to all who read, especially those who comment and put up with my antics. Hopefully I have provided something interesting and useful. Cheers! –Tim

Comments closed until further notice

An alarming amount of SPAM is getting through akismet. I do not have the time to sort through a spam queue. I definitely don’t have time to moderate Viagra and get rich quick by blog posting blurbs, so I have closed comments. This ‘pay per posting’ trend is showing just how much a single link […]

More SPAM stopping trials, no luck

I’ve been experimenting on ways to nip comment SPAM in the bud. Ever since noticing that Google sent me more robots than humans, I’ve been really frustrated. This is the scenario. Bot starts up, bot queries Google to see who shows up in the top 20 results for keyword ‘fud’, bot sees if each result […]

Updates and modifications

I have updated and modified some of the plug-ins that I’m using in an effort to make commenting easier. Comment SPAM is really on the rise, yet I don’t want my diligence in stopping SPAM to interfere with normal use of the blog. In order to post comments, your browser must have Javascript enabled and […]

Common blogging pitfalls

Preface : I’m not hoping to tout this particular blog as a shining example of ‘how to do it right’, nor do I profess to be an expert on the subject of developing a successful blog. I do, however, ghost write for several successful news and editorial blogs and have helped more than a hand […]

Why can’t they all be like ectio?

I am growing increasingly frustrated with the amount of people who copy my blog in order to boost their search engine rankings to sell Viagra. I impose a copyright restriction, all rights reserved, for just that purpose. Yes, such restrictions are futile however they do permit me a degree of recourse in shutting down web […]

More sensible caching for WordPress

Tummblr has released a working combination of many efforts to improve CPU use of WordPress caching. The key difference in this modified plug is rather simple, pages are compressed once, stored and served many times rather than compressed upon each request asking for gzip. On a busy blog (or farm of blogs), this can significantly […]

Echoreply is nofollow free :)

Since I have done quite a bit of hacking and tinkering on my WP code base, getting certain plug-ins working can be a bit of a chore. I’ve installed nofollow-free and it seems to be working rather well. Because I’ve changed many things in how my theme works, the pretty blue band at the top […]

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