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Blog Title Changed – NO CARRIER

Since this blog turns two years old tomorrow, I thought I would do something different. Originally, I was going to re-do the theme, but that bore an alarming resemblence to work. Instead, I’ve switched the title of the blog. Echoreply -> NO CARRIER. ¬†At least, this differentiates my blog from my main site / freelance […]

A year of Echoreply

Today, Echoreply turns 1 year old. The first post was a year ago today. Hurray! I managed to avoid hosing the blog database for 365 days and kept up with hosting arrangements. To the 200 some folks who have posted comments – thanks for making my hobby more enjoyable. The first year yielded 220 articles […]

Snap Shots got snappier :)

Snap Shots recently turned a year old. I liked their idea, generating very fast ‘on-the-fly’ previews of the page that a link will deliver you in a small, unobtrusive caption box. I’m a slow adopter, I wanted to watch how things went before I added their service to my blog. Today, I joined Snap Shots […]

A “do-not-track” list?

Privacy advocates are now suggesting a do not track list, from on line advertisers. Some of you might not know, advertisers use cookies, placed on your computer by their ad servers to ‘know’ what other web sites you have recently visited that serve their ads. I’ll explain more in meta form: DuhDuh, Inc, is an […]

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