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SPAM As A Source Of Entropy?

I really want to win the lottery. To do this, I need good random numbers. When I need those numbers, I don’t want to wait forever for something blocking to finally get them to me. I like to ‘pick’ just before buying a ticket .. just like I throw salt over my left shoulder should […]

A little time off, thanks to bad behavior

This blog receives approximately 10,000 SPAM comments each month. Akismet’s ‘false positive’ rate is quite low, however I like to make sure that nothing in the queue is legit before nuking it. After this blog turned one year old, that task became insurmountable. Mostly, I thank Google for this pestilence. If a page has many […]

Fly me to the moon

I received a rather interesting e-mail today from a German company who shall remain nameless: Hello, We wish to construct a device to ensure the safety of children. The device will be worn like a watch by children, but can’t easily remove. Parent install our base station, to monitors the child. If the child is […]

The best SPAM email title, ever

Short one: This is the best SPAM e-mail title ever: Vandals leave beating animals heart in cemetery. It was promptly deleted .. but funny.

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