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Xguests (final?) released

I’ve finally gotten around to properizing the Xen version of my XMLPulse tool. Its been re-named to Xguests and is available for testing. There’s a bunch of changes, I took out almost as much as I added. The biggest change is Dom-0 /proc information is no longer part of the tool, its only for quick […]

Simple bash toupper() and tolower() functions

Many people aren’t aware of several built in macros available in the ‘tr’ program. The program, ‘tr’ stands for “translate or replace” and is available on any standard GNU/Linux distribution. Using this simple utility, I wrote some simple shell functions to convert lower (or mixed) case strings to uppercase, or uppercase (or mixed) strings to […]

What happened to GRSH?

A dozen or so people have written in to ask me what happened to GRSH (Gridnix Shell), our souped up version of dash with special built-ins for ease of clustering. I took the repository down, I’ll explain why. GRSH started out using the POSIX compliant mini shell, dash, which is distributed under the less restrictive […]

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