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Layered Technologies hikes prices

Holy cost of doing business Batman! Layered Tech, one of the largest providers of leased & racked commodity servers has raised prices across the board one more time. The latest increase means an additional $20 per server per month (on average) for most customers. I have received not one, not five, not ten, not twenty […]

Mandriva, Microsoft and Nigeria, Oh my!

There is yet another squabble in the world of operating systems, Mandriva has suggested that Microsoft sank a 17,000 PC deal made between Mandriva and the Nigerian government to deliver low cost PC’s with a customized version of Mandriva GNU/Linux tailored for education. The computers are to be deployed in many schools. The Nigerian government, […]

The 10 Worst PC Keyboards of All Time

PC World is running something neat, a look at the 10 worst keyboards ever designed. I was horrified to see that my beloved Commodore 64 was listed as number two! I learned how to type using a commie, so did many other people. I guess, however by todays standards, even the Commodore and VIC 20 […]

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