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What Is Vendor Lock-in?

After weeks of searching, you finally found it .. the killer application that adapts to your business perfectly and requires a minimal initial investment in the form of a license fee. You can’t wait to seal the deal, your job is about to become infinitely easier because support will be handled by the vendor. The […]

Why Every CS Student Should Freelance

Kalyan’s tweet on freelancing reminded me of some recent conversations that I’ve had with several C/S students who recently completed their thesis. The conversation basically boils down to “Why should I spend time on freelance assignments when I don’t really need the money?“ I can only suggest that C/S students think of freelance assignments as […]

Yet another reason to FLOSS

Vendors of proprietary software took a hit in September, the hit is attributed to the current U.S. economic crisis. Small businesses just don’t have the cash to spend on software when free alternatives exist. Sure, they may have to bring the free stuff up to par .. but its cheaper for them to do so […]

Time for more tutorials

I’m (nearly) done converting all of my existing documentation into Asciidoc format. Its time to write more tutorials. What remains is, what to write? I could do more Xen centric stuff, perhaps some bits on how to setup storage servers, roll your own single system image cluster? I’d rather write what people actually need. So, […]

When to use ‘a’ or ‘an’

We are geeks. We’re capable of banging out instructions to computers in a plethora of languages. What escapes most of us is simple English. To our defense, English is not so simple. I’ve been editing some documentation submitted for a few of the free software packages that I manage. I am compelled to preach to […]

Avoiding ‘scope creep’

Anyone who has worked as a consultant knows the dreaded phrase ‘scope creep’, a euphemism employed to describe a situation where a customer is (usually) attempting to get services for free. Scope creep can be rather difficult to spot, usually a consultant does not realize the amount of services that they’ve provided for free until […]

Teach with free community soup

There is a rather insightful submission climbing its way through the Slashdot Fire Hose today, an educator has found himself without the funds needed to purchase proprietary graphics design software needed to teach his classes. The educator seems rather insightful, asking if such a predicament may be for the better, citing the fact that non-free, […]

Common blogging pitfalls

Preface : I’m not hoping to tout this particular blog as a shining example of ‘how to do it right’, nor do I profess to be an expert on the subject of developing a successful blog. I do, however, ghost write for several successful news and editorial blogs and have helped more than a hand […]

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