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Terms governing the use of this web site:

Section 0 – Definitions is a web site, one of many sources of freely available creative works available to Internet users and is offered free of charge. This web site is owned by Timothy L. Post (hereinafter ‘owner’) and maintained by skilled individuals (hereinafter ‘operators’) appointed or retained by the owner. This web site is made possible by a computer operating with the GNU/Linux operating system (hereinafter ‘server’).

Section 1 – Privacy

This web site is not offered in a secured form (via secure socket layer or otherwise). Because encryption is not provided by this server, you cannot and should not have an expectation of privacy when using this web site. All information submitted to this website, its owner or operators via any means, is subject to public display.

This web site does not require you to divulge personally identifiable information such as your name or e-mail to read creative works enabled by this web site. Reading and commenting on these works is considered to be normal use of this web site. However, to submit comments to this web site, you must provide a valid e-mail address. Your e-mail address is considered to be personally identifiable information and will not be shared with any third party that is not a U.S. or Canadian law enforcement agency.

The server hosting this web site records your IP address, browser type, referring web site and pages that you view upon each visit to this web site. If you submit a comment to this web site, your e-mail address will be recorded. This is information that identifies you, your computer and some of your activity on the Internet. These records (hereinafter ‘logs’) are kept for approximately 45 – 60 days, depending on the frequency of visitors to this web site. At no time will these logs be made available to the public by the owner or operators of this web site.

The owner and operators of this web site can and will transfer custody of all logs to Law Enforcement agencies for purposes of reporting cyber crime or assisting with ongoing investigations, such as cyber attacks targeting this or other computers. Should this occur, all logs must and will be conveyed as a whole to the appropriate US and/or Canadian Law Enforcement agencies.

The owner of this web site is a U.S. Citizen and will convey all logs upon official request by verifiably credentialed U.S. Law Enforcement agents, with or without the request being accompanied by a search warrant, in full compliance with the U.S. Patriot Act.

Section 2 – Editorial control

Comments that you submit are owned by you. This web site is owned and operated by others. The owner of this web site reserves the right to delete or not publish your comments for any reason without providing explanation.

The owner and operators of this web site will not edit submitted comments. All comments are subject to moderation prior to being displayed. Only the web site owner can remove a published comment and reserves the right to do so and to refuse requests from comment authors to remove published comments. Typically, accepted comments are published within 24 hours of submission, sometimes less.

You are encouraged to put thought into your comments prior to submitting them.

Section 3 – Warranty

Information available on this web site is often offered as advice. Following advice or propagating information obtained from this web site is an action that you, not the owner or operators of this web site initiate. You, not the owner or operators of this web site are responsible for your actions and consequences thereof. As such, no warranty or guarantee of suitability for any purpose is offered or should be implied in conjunction with information and or advice offered or obtained via any use of this web site.

Section 4 – Copyright and syndication

All texts and works, excluding some comments available on this web site are Copyright © 2007 – 2013 by Timothy L. Post. All rights regarding this copyright have been reserved by the owner. You may not copy or distribute works available on this web site, verbatim or otherwise without express and written permission from the copyright owner.

Failure to respect this copyright will result in legal action if a violation of this copyright is detected. Permission to share the text available on this web site is typically granted, yet remains at the sole discretion of the copyright holder.

Comments displayed on this web site written by those other than the owner or operators of this web site are owned by their respective authors. As such, the owner and operators of this web site can not give you permission to copy the comments of others, unless the comment clearly indicates a waiver from the comment author permitting verbatim copying.

Section 5 – Changes to this policy

This document is posted in plain view and is subject to change without notice.

Last revised : Monday, August 24 2009

This policy is needed, sensible and is not open to discussion or debate.

Copyright © 2007 – 2009 Tim Post – All Rights Reserved.

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