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‘Crumby’ Engineering Shuts Down The LHC (Again)

The truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction. In case you did not know, the LHC was shut down again, this time due to a passing bird dropping a bread crumb into some of its external (exposed) machinery. Insert your favorite AHEM.. here. This caused a spike that produced so much heat that the collider’s fail […]

Would life on Mars mean doom for humans?

I just enjoyed a fascinating read by Nick Bostrom, the director of the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford. Nick explains why discovering evidence of life on another planet would almost surely indicate a very low probability that humans will ever explore space and colonize other planets. Interestingly, if life were discovered […]

The future of robot love affairs, continued

John Hawks, an assistant professor of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin (and one of my favorite reads) recently happened upon something that I wrote about in a rather satirical manner, a possible future that prescribes that we’ll be making love (and falling in love) to/with robots by 2050. John also reacted to the cyborg […]

China jump starts nanotech

Xie Sishen, one of the chief scientists at The Chinese Academy Of Sciences announced a $83.6 Million (620 million yuan) State sponsored ‘hot shot’ into the research and development of nanotechnology today, according to The Shanghai Daily. Nanotechnology, a multi-disciplined science of manipulating matter on a molecular scale allows tiny devices to escape the conventional […]

Robot cockroaches invade social networks

Cockroaches have become one of my odder fascinations since my arrival in South East Asia several years ago. My first apartment in Quezon City came complete with about 300 coprophagous house guests, cockroaches. My neighbors were rather fond of hoarding roach habitats, as such I was stuck with roaches for months. Rather than go on […]

The social pedia

I found a rather insightful commentary discussing some of Wikipedia’s fundamental problems in the Slashdot submission queue today. The commentary is presented more or less as an introspective series of rhetorical questions from the perspective of a disgruntled user. I don’t find Wikipedia’s problems to be very interesting. While I hope that Wikipedia retains its […]

Laser link from Earth to Moon?

Oerlikon recently demonstrated transmission of data over light at a distance of 1.5 million kilometers. The laser is specifically designed to provide data links to and from objects in space (to each other), as well as planetary to object, or possibly interplanetary links. From what the press release says, they achieved speeds of approximately 10MBit/Sec, […]

The science of insider fraud

IT Wire is running something neat today, researchers in Australia have combined efforts to automate the process of detecting (internal) employee fraud. This research is of particular interest to any company that enjoys a decentralized structure that enables employees to work from home via the Internet. To explain why this sort of research is so […]

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