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Easier OS abstraction

Trying to update boot menus that employ odd chain loading schemes (such as Xen) with scripts is just asking for trouble. Nothing against the automatic tools that exist and do this, they just weren’t written with hypervisors and other kinds of microkernels in mind. Switching gears effortlessly and without error is paramount these days, especially […]

To advertisers, privacy just isn’t practical

I was just reading an article from the Associated Press discussing the strategy of a new start-up advertising company. Now, advertisers want to put little black boxes in ISP data centers to analyze what we do on-line. ISP’s are going for it, because they get a share of the revenue generated by advertisement campaigns that […]

How will I.T. contractors retire?

I am happy to see that plenty of jobs are available in specialized I.T fields such as virtualization. I’ve been digging through the hundreds of head hunter web sites the past few days just to test the water and noticed that many of the posted opportunities offer contract positions. If you aren’t exclusive to one […]

Revenge of the nerds

I saw a re-run of “Revenge Of The Nerds” recently, the gears in my head have been turning ever since. In seventh grade, the captain of the school wrestling team stuffed my head in a toilet and flushed it several times. Not any toilet, a ‘public school boy’s room’ toilet. In eighth grade, an over-developed […]

A freelancer’s guild?

I’ve been looking at lengths for an organization of freelance I.T. professionals who combine efforts and forces to help each other. I’ve found some rather informal groups, none that looked like they were likely to stay operational for long. There are writer’s guilds, programmers guilds, various scientific and research guilds, however I could not find […]

Yet another virtual appliance

In my on-going effort to make the building blocks for a “poor man’s” cluster, I’ve decided to get to work on some virtual appliance images suitable for use with Xen (and possibly others). Pound is a great load balancing tool. Its light weight, super easy to configure and pretty reliable. Depending on the kind of […]

Hosting control panel standards are needed

Last week, I set off to do something rather simple, I wanted to make a very simple control system for Xen that could plug into just about any web hosting control panel. My goal was to make one application that could be easily modified to fit into any kind of panel. This project has turned […]

The Blog Capacitor

How would you like a free service that let you easily show all revisions and edits (versions) of your blog posts? I would. Blogging software (even the all mighty WordPress) does not come ‘out of the box’ with extensive version control. How would you like to never worry about losing your database ever again? Read […]

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