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Why not use STDs as server names?

During recent conversation with fellow system integrators, I suggested that it is perfectly acceptable to name your servers after sexually transmitted diseases. After all, there are plenty of very descriptive diseases, take the following possible office chatter into consideration: Senior Admin: You, login to herpes and hop over to gential-warts, flush iptables and make sure […]

The best SPAM email title, ever

Short one: This is the best SPAM e-mail title ever: Vandals leave beating animals heart in cemetery. It was promptly deleted .. but funny.

Too bad about the LHC

This one will be short. Fried transformers, magnets and scientists .. what a shame. Hopefully we’ll see it work in 2009. However, the LHC did create a black hole .. the one where all of the money went. All kidding aside, best of luck to everyone at CERN. Man, I was really hoping to see […]

What the hell, humanitarian dating?

This is going to be a very short rant. Please, anyone, describe any and all events that led to a dating site just for humanitarians. I can see some potential misconceptions, since we have vegetarians. Some people may therefore confuse humanitarians with cannibals. Has it gotten that hard to meet people who just want to […]

Senior, Junior And The Programmer

The job: A server with a 1.2 TB SATA RAID-5 is housing 15 paravirtualized Xen guests via local storage. Each one has at least one LV of 100 – 400 GB. Move them to an identical server with a more sensibly configured RAID without pissing off each user for more than 30 – 40 minutes. […]

Explaining race conditions

It can sometimes be difficult to explain abstract concepts to people who don’t have programming backgrounds. I was working on a really simple single system image cluster for someone, all that we had left to complete was the cluster announce mechanism and heartbeat configuration. The design called for a completely automated / self-recovering setup. Even […]

Enough with this ’2.0′ craze!

It all started with `Web 2.0′. Through the magic of some curious DOM fiddling and clever callbacks it became easy to simulate the behavior of desktop applications via any modern web browser. This was neat. Then, someone decided that Web 2.0′ was a catchy name to imply a web page with shiny graphics and rounded […]

New names for the OLPC?

Now that Microsoft XP is the new `official’ operating system for the OLPC units, I suspect that the meaning behind the OLPC acronym or the acronym itself will change. Some suggestions are already floating around: OLPC -> One License Per Child OBSPC -> One Blue Screen Per Child OBNPC -> One Botnet Node Per Child

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