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144 Petabytes On Compact Flash (Yes, Just One!)

Posted on | February 22, 2010 | No Comments

You did not misread the title, its not 1.44 petabytes, its 144 (as in 12×12) on a single CF card. Read more about it here. It will still limp along at an unimpressive 32MB/sec (well, for CF, that is rather impressive) according to the CF 5.0 specification CAUTION: LINK LEADS TO AN ANGRY FRUIT SALAD.

You can also bet that these will be painfully expensive if (ever) offered in full capacity, but still worthy of a little drool. This could also be the beginning of the end of FAT16 / FAT32′s monopoly on removable storage.

Is kind of funny, I read about this while taking a break from looking at Hypertable for use on networked hand held devices. The gods must be crazy.


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