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I’ll Leave The Clouds To The Birds

Posted on | December 8, 2009 | No Comments

Today marks the third time in one year that I’ve been bitten by someone else’s mistake. I’ve tried several `accounting as a service’ providers and should have learned my lesson after the first bad experience.

I appreciate dynamic infrastructure as a service as much as the next person. I love using tools like Xen to build networks that scale out (or up) as far as physical resources allow. This time last year, `cloud computing’ was more of a reference to dynamic IAAS than what actually ran on such platforms, which people just referred to as SAAS (software as a service). SOA (service oriented architecture) was a good transitional term, but Marty McMarketer could not resist the ambiguous properties of water vapor.

These days, the terms have become one in the same in such a frustrating, messy lump error prone spaghetti that I’m ¬†through with trying to follow the fads that many of my peers insist on using.¬†

I use flickr, I also have several copies of every image that I shoot. I sometimes use Google documents, I have a local copy of every document that I edit. What I will never, ever use again is some service that can’t give me my data on demand in some kind of meaningful, uniform format. Lets go back to accounting applications .. what good are 15 CSV dumps modeled after a strange proprietary database schema to me when I’m desperately trying to reconcile what I think I have with what they say I have?

I’m not going to touch on the other debate revolving around software freedom and SAAS. To anyone who believes in Murphy’s law, the SAAS model just fails horribly when applied to over 1/3 of applications that people typically run locally.

This grumpy and disrguntled user is happily going back to spreadsheets, I’ll leave the clouds to the birds when it comes to stuff I really care about.


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