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Time For A New Theme

Posted on | December 6, 2009 | No Comments

Since September 2007, I’ve been using a very hacked version of a theme that was close to being obsolete when I selected it. We’re getting ready to roll into 2010 and the design of the entire site is starting to smell like feet.

I’m between two ideas, at the moment:

  • Grab the D-40 and go out and shoot enough interesting bits to put together my own theme.
  • Find something that is almost what I want and customize it to suit my needs, basically repeating what I did last time.

Going through the WP theme gallery and all other sites that offer themes leaves me nothing but snow blind, there are just too many of them to look at. 

I want something that (sort of) resembles what I have now, but with better options when it comes to widgets and side bar management. I also plan on uploading the better results from the last two months of shooting, so I need to incorporate some kind of gallery.  If you happen to know of a theme that might work, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment with a link to it. I will approve any link, but I’m not likely to pay for a ready made theme.

I’m worried that if I take on the task of doing it myself from scratch, I’ll never finish.


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