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Broken Towels

Posted on | December 4, 2009 | No Comments

I try to be tolerant, patient and understanding. I try, very very hard to not let trivial and mundane set backs influence the quality of my over all mood. Today, I have failed.

When you purchase something, you have a reasonable expectation that the item will work as advertised. This gets a little sketchy when buying second hand electronics, miracle cleaners, fat burners and the plethora of other consumer quicksand pits on the market.

When you buy towels, you expect them to work. Towels do not require batteries, seldom come with warranties or even instructions. In fact, towels have one simple job to do: absorb water. 

Believe it or not, good towels (the soft, cuddly ones that retain their color and stitching through washings) can cost up to $50 a piece, or more. We were delighted when we found some really soft, micro-fiberish towels for approximately $5 each, new. That should have given me a clue.

Why am I complaining? Why am I writing about something as silly as towels on a (mostly) programming and technology blog? The towels I bought were defective, they are water proof. Yes, you read correctly,  we bought $50 worth of towels that don’t absorb water. What we ended up getting were recycled fleece blankets that were packaged as towels.

When something so simple as a water absorbent cloth remnant fails, while you are dripping wet, shivering and naked .. you take notice of the current state of the world.

I live in a world and society that produces defective towels.


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