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Switching Types Is Difficult

Posted on | September 23, 2009 | No Comments

For the last week, I have been going between C and PHP depending on what happens to be in my editor at any given time. At some points, I was switching gears as much as every 30 minutes. I can’t explain how painful that is.

Going from a strictly to dynamically typed language is like going from gravity to weightlessness instantly. Sure, its cool that your floating around in space, but you find difficulty in  accomplishing even the most basic of things until you get used to it.

The reverse of that is also true .. coming out of weightlessness into the rules of gravity makes every effort more labored, until you notice that the consistency provided by the rules is very helpful.  

I have concluded, it is almost impossible for a cross disciplined programmer working on different projects to be as competent and productive as they would be if they were working with only one language.  I’m now, finally starting to see the allure of that slithering language.

I need a tool that gives me common ground for a wide range of tasks. Sure, I’ve written web services entirely in C .. but only for things like routers and other appliances. Unless someone hires me to code a Wireless talking can opener, I don’t see myself doing that again in the near future.

So here I go into the world of Python …


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