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Web pages as graphs

Posted on | December 28, 2008 | No Comments

Have you ever wanted to get a great, easy to read visual of any HTML document? This is the tool for you.  The applet will analyze the semantics of any HTML/XHTML document and ‘come to life’ as it represents the document’s structure as a graph. The graph starts out as a star burst and quickly settles down to something neat and useful.

A graph for this blog looks a lot like any other WordPress blog. If you have three minutes to spare, its worth checking out .. even just to play. Here’s a graph of our favorite advertising overlords, Slashdot.

It should be fun to put in the URL to your Internet Provider’s ‘start page’, blue dots indicate links that they hope you will click.

Be sure to scroll down to just below the graph, so you can see the legend that describes what all of those colors mean.


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