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A little time off, thanks to bad behavior

Posted on | December 11, 2008 | No Comments

This blog receives approximately 10,000 SPAM comments each month. Akismet’s ‘false positive’ rate is quite low, however I like to make sure that nothing in the queue is legit before nuking it. After this blog turned one year old, that task became insurmountable.

Mostly, I thank Google for this pestilence. If a page has many incoming links or a high page rank (and accepts comments) .. that page becomes a target for spammers. Imagine walking through a really bad neighborhood .. and a Google employee walking next to you with a neon sign pointing your way that says “He’s got a pocket full of cash” , that’s basically what their ranking system does.

So, I installed Bad Behavior, a plug in that checks the validity of HTTP requests (and agents). Unfortunately, for some of you non SOCKS proxy users, bad behavior will deny you. I’m not going to apologize for this .. since your likely unable to read this post anyway. Hopefully you find a better proxy or learn how to use SSH.

The end result is, cleaner stats, less spam, less headache. If you find that ‘normal’ use of this blog is somehow inhibited by the new plug in, please e-mail me at


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