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Xguests 1.0.8 released

Posted on | October 14, 2008 | No Comments

Xguests, a program to print interesting information about guests running under the Xen (TM) hypervisor has reached version 1.0.8.

Xguests does not require xend to be running and will print information in the following formats:

  • XML 1.0
  • PHP Array
  • Perl Array
  • BASH Array
  • Easy to scrape text
  • CSV
  • ‘xm list’ style

Below is the message sent to xguests-general:

I'm pleased to announce the release of Xguests version 1.0.8! This release includes some new functionality, several bug fixes, documentation and other juicy goodies for your dom-0 host. Most notably, daemonization is now proper, guest status is conveyed in all outputs, output resembling 'xm list' is now available and the tree is much cleaner. You could use xguests in your own programs, if you like. Downloads are available (source .tgz) at: Or just update your Mercurial repository against: Contributions are below: Version 1.0.8: ============== Tim Post <> (8) * Fix xguests_find_state() to reuse the same pointer * Add IPC handlers for child when in -d/--daemon mode * Add guest status output to all displays * ctyle / formatting fixes * Ensure the return value of malloc() is always cast to avoid breaking c++ compilers * Finish common Makefile targets * cstyle (80 column limit on most functions, ensure return value of malloc() is cast) Corey Henderson <> (6) * Fix issue in XML output format * Add 'list' format similar to xm list * Add function to return status of guests to xg mini lib * Enforce ARG_MAX on -f option * Allow stdout to be a valid descriptor for -f, eliminate dups * Auto output type based on file extension As I said previously, 1.0.9 is reserved as a bugfix version should anything horribly wrong be found in this release. If all goes well, we're jumping to 1.1.0 which will entail: * Eliminating libxenstat in favor of libxenctrl * Basic 'xm' functionality that does not rely on Xend, such as 'create', 'shutdown', 'pause', 'destroy', 'reboot', 'save', 'restore' and more. 'list' will of course keep all available output formats. * More perks if we get the above completed correctly in less time than anticipated. * Simplified ./configure && make && make install installation, also allowing for packagers to include xguests Use in good health! Cheers, --Tim

So, enjoy :)


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