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Fly me to the moon

Posted on | October 6, 2008 | No Comments

I received a rather interesting e-mail today from a German company who shall remain nameless:


We wish to construct a device to ensure the safety of children. The device will be worn like a watch by children, but can’t easily remove.

Parent install our base station, to monitors the child. If the child is escape of the base station alarm activates and parents paged via SMS

… Ok, with you there … pretty much like a wandering patient monitor used in hospitals.

If the child goes much more, electrical shock happens to stops the child from moving.

… Holy … WHAT THE FUCK Batman! Oh, it gets better …

We see you discount if we open source. We will open source all code to make a great community! We will make you in charge of this!

Maybe they meant to send this to alt.bdsm on usenet?

Please let me know when I can buy a house and lot on the moon .. we’re moving. When I declined, the project appeared on several freelance web sites .. and people have bid around $300 to do it.

I won’t convey my reply, this post contains enough profanity. What a world. I can’t decide if I should cry, change my e-mail or laugh.


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