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The “Drop a quarter” campaign

Posted on | September 3, 2008 | 1 Comment

We’re currently flooded with various campaigns that promise, at best, speculative results. Here is a campaign that you can join with no fear, I’m starting it.

Drop a quarter!

Why, oh why would you drop a quarter? The answer is easy, someone will find your quarter and their day will be supercharged. If you like, approach a perfect stranger and say “Hi, I’d like to pay off all of your debts, no strings attached” then enjoy a healthy dose of skeptical rebuke while you hope that the person doesn’t call the cops to report an aggressive and shady solicitor. Likely, said person will never bother inquire as to your motivation to help.

If that same person found a quarter (be sure to drop it ‘heads up’ to circumvent superstition), they might find new hope that today is the day that things might go their way. Fortunately, for us, changing someones day does not cost $50,000.00 , it costs $0.25. This idea could have cost $0.10, but the idea of dropping a dime is disagreeable to many.

Possible results:

  • You make a clean drop, nobody notices.
  • Someone notices your drop and tries to return the coin to you. Should that happen, inform them that the drop was deliberate and why.
  • The coin falls in a gutter. This is fine, the person who cleans the gutters will be happy.

I am asking a campaign contribution of $0.25, or the equal in your local currency. To donate, drop a coin on the ground in a manner that circumvents superstition for whoever picks it up. Please contribute!


One Response to “The “Drop a quarter” campaign”

  1. JonathanLIVE
    September 4th, 2008 @ 7:58 am

    My quarter has been dropped.

    My first attempt was at the mall, in front of the dollar store… I waited till I was past any people and then attempted my drop. The sound of it bouncing of the mall floors ringed through the air and I continued to walk.

    As I walked I heard an ‘Excuse me sir’, I attempted to pretend not to hear it and continue to walk, when a moment later, I heard an ‘EXCUSE ME SIR’ to which I had to respond. I turned around to find a man with a stroller picking up the quarter and saying this was all he found, he didn’t see any of my other change that might have fallen. I simply said oh.. thank you very much, have a great day! I forgot about the instruction here in the heat of the moment :)

    So I continued on until I came to the malls other entrance. Nobody around, and will the doors right in front of me making it difficult for anyone to call on me.

    I made the drop and kept going!

    On my way back I checked to see, and sure enough, the quarter had started on its journey.

    Mission Accomplished. :)

    TIP to you other quarter droppers – Dropping a quarter in a mall without anybody noticing can be difficult with the huge amount of noise it makes. Just one quarter can sound like a pocket full of change hitting the floor. If you want to pass on the story of why, do this. Otherwise, aim for pavement drops. :)

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