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Eat Bulaga! An example most broadcasters should follow

Posted on | July 31, 2008 | No Comments

I do not watch much broadcast TV. Quite frankly, most broadcast TV sucks. I’ve been in The Philippines for almost four years and have given up on HBO Asia, HBO seems to assume that most people living in Asia are criminals who will ‘pirate’ all broadcasts, so they feed us 20 year old B movies.

Local TV is sketchy, RPN has great news broadcasts that reminds me of times when a young Dan Rather was trusted. Its the news, just the news, no introspect, no twists .. just facts, smiles and great video coverage.

Eat Bulaga has been the only thing on T.V that makes me laugh since I’ve been here. The show is family oriented, funny, entertaining and (from what I have found) worth a family audience. Our child during her first year demanded a parental rendition of Vic And Joey singing ‘sing a song’ before she would go to sleep. My Tagalog is quite limited, however I have no problem keeping up.

A lot of shows focus only on how much money can be won, or who will be voted off the (something). This practice is the easy way out that saves broadcasters the cost of actually entertaining you by utilizing a meta plot.

I understand 20% of what I see when I watch Eat Bulaga .. I understand 100% of ‘Survivor’ and I quickly change the channel.

Perhaps given the Eat Bulaga example we can stop this reality craze and actually broadcast something worth watching?

In case you were wondering, directly translated “Eat Bulaga” means “Eat Surprise”.


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