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Yahoo BOSS – good move

Posted on | July 10, 2008 | 1 Comment

If you have not heard, Yahoo wants you to take full advantage of their search API without the need to give any credit. BOSS (or Build your own search service) allows developers access to the Yahoo index, use of the ranking and relevancy algorithms and more. You can use it to build anything you like, completely white labeled (Yahoo remains anonymous and behind the scenes).

This is the single biggest leap to foster innovation in the search and advertising industry, bar none. In terms of ‘cloud computing’, its your cloud, Yahoo supplies the rain and you get to label each drop as your own. You can’t (as a search giant) get any more open than that.

Want to build the next best thing in search technology? Yahoo has already done most of the work .. make your applications, make them scale, add the BOSS API and your own special sauce. You’re done.

Kudos to Yahoo, this was really needed. This move will really put Yahoo on the front lines of development, likely leaving Google and MSN in its wake.

Hurry, try it now before Carl Ichan figures out what it does and starts whining. Luckily, that should take a while.


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