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Enough with this ’2.0′ craze!

Posted on | July 3, 2008 | No Comments

It all started with `Web 2.0′. Through the magic of some curious DOM fiddling and clever callbacks it became easy to simulate the behavior of desktop applications via any modern web browser. This was neat.

Then, someone decided that Web 2.0' was a catchy name to imply a web page with shiny graphics and rounded corners. Since that time, the term2 point oh’ has become as viral and inappropriate as a fart.

A friend of mine recently re-married. He alludes to her as Wife 2.0'. Another person that I chat with likes to put strange things in his coffee, which he callsJava 2.0′. Will people having their second child start calling the poor thing `Kid 2.0′ ?

Will advances in contraceptives result in Spermacide 2.0'? Will scientists coin this phrase to indicate new strains of common viruses likeFlu 2.0′? How about Herpes 2.0'? When is this madness going to stop? Will new forks of religions take the term? Will we haveMethodist 2.0?’ How about `Mormon 2.0?’

If 2 point oh' is supposed to indicate theway of the future’, shouldn’t we be at revision 4 or 5 by now?

You know, a while back I predicted diet water which has now appeared on the market. Sad to say, if this two dot oh' trend continues I predict that we'll all be breathingAir 2.0′ in the near future.


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