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No more space tours after 2010

Posted on | April 21, 2008 | Comments Off

I really want to go to space before I die. I’m a globe trekker, if there is somewhere to go there’s a good chance that I want to go there. Space is the ultimate road trip.

To get into space, you need two things. About $40 million and good launch weather. The Russian space agency will put anyone nuts enough to be strapped to a tube full of high explosives into space. Its a great deal, for no additional fee they’ll even bring you home.

Sure , 40 million sounds like a lot but in the age of dot-coms going for 100 million or more its a realistic goal. The majority of peers will make at least 10 million during their career, many will make even more. Sadly, if I’m going to go to space, I need 40 million by 2010. The Russians have announced that they’ll be scrapping the program (broadly) due to international criticism.

Would it be impolite to request that critics at-large focus their talents on things that happen on Earth?

Now I have to build my own damn spaceship, how rude.


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