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SRCE 1.0.9 maintenance release

Posted on | April 17, 2008 | Comments Off

I’m putting together a source maintenance release for SRCE that addresses some build issues on Fedora 8 and 9 (x86_64). Namely, I finished properizing its implementation of beecrypt so that the static library is built arch specific. Up till now, the shrunken beecrypt library was included pre-compiled. I might also finish properly integrating autoconf.

For those of you following / using the programs, I’m not going to jump right to 1.1.0, I want to get the interactive CLI finished before we go to the next minor version.

1.0.9 is just a source maintenance release so that build farms making .deb and .rpm’s don’t break on fedora, there’s really no reason to upgrade until 1.1.0 comes out, unless you need to build on Fedora 8 or 9.

If there is anything else that needs to go into 1.0.9, please try to file bug reports here before April 25.


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