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The Internet and superstition

Posted on | April 12, 2008 | Comments Off

Watching human behavior manifest ‘digitally’ is almost as fun as people-watching in the park. We’ve done a bang up job of bringing real life into digital life (and vice-versa). I was wondering today, how will superstition manifest itself on-line?

A person I worked with a few years ago moved his mouse a tiny bit to the right before moving it to the left. He said “it works better when I do that” (it was an optical mouse). Another person I knew would shriek if you turned on her monitor prior to turning on the computer fearing `bad luck’.

This is all superstition, but still in the physical world. I wonder how superstition will show itself ten years from now in the on-line world? Or is over-zealous security fed by paranoia already a manifestation of superstition?

Interesting question.


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