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SRCE RPM packages available

Posted on | March 13, 2008 | No Comments

Holy RPM Batman! Scott Shinn, the author of Atomic Secured Linux has just released a number of SRCE RPM packages. Scott grabbed the latest SRCE nightly snapshot and ran it through his build farm, SRCE did pretty well.

i386 and x86_64 RPM packages are now available for most RPM based distributions including RHEL, CentOS, Fedora and others. i386 builds went fine across the board, x86_64 broke on FC8/FC9 due to the included (pre compiled) shrunken beecrypt library which is statically linked.

The packages should be treated as beta, I’m not able to test all of them (especially x86_64) so any feedback is appreciated. I’ve been procrastinating a bit when it comes to providing a proper makefile to reproduce the shrunken crypto lib, I’ll get on that soon which will fix x86_64 builds on FC8/9. I’ve got to better incorporate autoconf anyway, may as well do both in one (painful) swoop.

Available now are packages for:

  • RHEL 3 (i386)
  • RHEL 4 (i386 / x86_64)
  • RHEL 5 (i386 / x86_64)
  • Fedora Core 4 (i386 / x86_64)
  • Fedora Core 5 (i386 / x86_64)
  • Fedora Core 6 (i386 / x86_64)
  • Fedora Core 7 (i386 / x86_64)
  • Fedora Core 8 (i386)
  • Fedora Core 9 (i386)

The RPM spec is available at the same location if you need to further clobber or tweak them to suit your needs.

I will have i386 .deb packages for Debian / Ubuntu done at some point this month, x86_64 to follow after I re-do how beecrypt is being linked.

Scott is using SRCE in basically the same way that I am, a common ground for virtualization control for things that libvirt doesn’t yet do (or for things that don’t have a fancy API). He’s also using it to avoid sudo-ing access to yum and rpm from web based control panels.

Considering that SRCE is not yet even using the autoconf configuration header, I think we did a pretty good job keeping things portable and tight. I’m really pleased with how it did on a build farm, the only glitch was something that I already knew about.

A big thanks to Scott for getting those done, this eliminates the need to do an ugly buildroot for the new universal GNUPanel installer. Actually, it eliminates the installer (period) once a few more packages are made, we’ll rely totally on the distro packaging tool to do it (which is how it should be).


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