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Web hosts: Boycott Trend Micro

Posted on | February 22, 2008 | No Comments

If you are a web host, you probably know what ClamAV is, yes? In case you don’t, its one of the most popular free virus scanners on the market. Its extremely well written, does its job well and protects your clients from helping script kiddies grow their bot nets.

Trend Micro wants to wield its patents against appliance makers who employ ClamAV, which is free software. In essence, like the Mafia, Trend Micro wants you to pay for protection. Unfortunately, the US patent system allows Trend Micro to do this.

By their actions, Trend Micro can only hope to weaken the security of Internet users through under-handed anti-competitive tactics. Every vulnerable user who opens an infected e-mail because Trend Micro hopes to extract every penny from their patent adds yet another computer to the infected list. ClamAV is free software, anyone should be able to employ it commercially without fear of such harassment.

Do not buy, use or promote Trend Micro products. How long until Trend Micro starts leveraging their patent against hosting companies? Could your company be their next target? If you sell anti virus appliances or the use of computers running ClamAV, you could be putting yourself in their sights.


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