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Gridnix Resurrected!

Posted on | February 22, 2008 | No Comments

A while back, I was working on my own GNU/Linux distro named “Gridnix”, a cluster friendly distro that was not married to any specific kernel, focusing on the ease of virtualization, grids ‘as a service’ and simple scalability. You should be able to ‘spill’ a cluster or utility grid just like you would a glass of water.

Things progressed, then I didn’t notice the domains expiring ( and .org). Cem, another Gridnix developer did manage to grab the .ch and other European domains (even setting Gridnix up as a non-profit in Geneva), however everything (including package updates) was based on the .org domain. This more or less sunk us as users began getting irritated at the lack of stability.

My good friend and fellow GNU named Jorge managed to grab the .com and .org domains by a stroke of luck, they’re now pointed at my name servers, I’m extremely excited to get things going again. I’m soon moving the whole project to Sharesource, who offers top notch Mercurial friendly hosting.

Thanks, Jorge!!! Oh happy day!!


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