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New ext3cow tools released

Posted on | February 20, 2008 | 2 Comments

For any of you who use my extended ext3cow tools, there is a new version available (finally, version 1!). I’ve done a major overhaul of the code, brought in autoconf and greatly improved documentation. Yes, I know, some of you might say that autoconf is psychotic, however I needed something easy to ensure that the build broke if someone did not have ext3cow installed.

You’d be amazed how many people e-mailed me to ask why the tools did not work on regular ext3 file systems, hopefully ./configure gets between me and them :)

Some improvements include:

  • A modular library to interact with ext3cow, featuring ioctl wrappers and a convenient constructor / destructor to store user and job information.
  • Re-write of the entire code base (more defensive, easier to modify)
  • More options to the tools, including more options to the snapshot scheduling daemon.
  • ROFF (man), XML, XHTML and plain text (asciidoc) documentation
  • Moved to GPL3 (considering LGPL3 for the library functions)
  • A few other things that I can’t quite remember.

Using Mercurial, you can grab the tools here. If you want a snapshot of the repository, click on the bz2 or tgz link. No binary packages are available (or planned), its really best that these be built against the latest and greatest ext3cow headers until the file system becomes ‘officially’ stable.


2 Responses to “New ext3cow tools released”

  1. Dhruv
    April 19th, 2009 @ 11:36 am

    The link: seems to be broken. I want a page where I can find out the feature list of the extended ext3cow tools. Please can you help me.

  2. tinkertim
    April 19th, 2009 @ 7:39 pm

    @Duruv Yikes, I need to update that link!

    The correct link is:

    Documentation, which shows the features can be viewed in HTML form here:

    Note, there are several minor bugs that I never fixed, mostly because ext3cow more or less died off. If you find a bug, let me know, I’ll fix it.

    Those aren’t the best things I’ve ever written.

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