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Major updates to SRCE

Posted on | January 4, 2008 | No Comments

For those of you using SRCE, there are many updates available. SRCE may soon find its way to being included in several popular GNU/Linux distributions, so I’ve taken the past few weeks to try and properize everything.

SRCE is also (very soon) to be included with GNUPanel to provide OS abstration and a control mechanism for multi-server and technology-agnostic virtualization support (say that three times fast). As such, I have taken out most of the extra tools that come with SRCE, those will be re-packaged as individual programs and packages in the near future. For instance, the simple bash driven cluster controller (on) is no longer included, but still supported.

The following major updates have been committed:

  • Fixed tab spacing and formatting repo-wide (all files) so that patches don’t break.
  • Optimized some minor things during re-formatting that can be considered trivial, added comments for non trivial changes to be prior to 1.0.6
  • Socket libs can now play nice with Windows (CLIENT ONLY), option to turn it on is not yet in autoconf (for 1.0.6), however the client should build and work fine on win32 systems.
  • Added a dialog based ‘easy’ installer
  • Properized the keycutter and wrote in more functionality
  • Full documentation is now built (HTML, XML and roff [Unix MAN pages])
  • Added a getting-started tutorial to the documentation
  • Build is now managed by autoconf
  • Proported to GPL3 (was GPL2)
  • Added a make dist function to produce a .tgz to install on other machines
  • Added a make clone function to clone an install with installer for ease of setting up a cluster
  • A few other things that I can’t remember at present.

If your using Mercurial, just hg pull and you’ll have the latest copy. Be careful that you first back up your existing /etc/srced directory so that your key and configuration files are not obliterated during the installation process.

Things to come in the near future:

  • A re-write of ‘on’ (soon to be a multi threaded shell written in C)
  • Better installer that sets up networking for you
  • MySQL/PGSQL key management
  • Numerous code improvements
  • IPv6 support
  • More example execroot scripts and wrappers
  • Scripts for managing Xen / OpenVZ
  • Scripts for managing LVM
  • … And more

Bug reports are always welcome, bug reports accompanied by patches are VERY welcome.

To date, zero security issues have been discovered (in 3+ years), so this upgrade is really optional. Any feedback is welcome, as well as feature requests.

For the Mercurial challenged, .tgz snapshots can be found here.


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