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Will Google kill Santa?

Posted on | December 23, 2007 | No Comments

If you make a person, you must also make some interesting decisions. Religion (or not) being one, basic values to instill being another example. Parenting methods need to be agreed upon quickly by both parents, preferably before said methods need to be employed. Then, there’s the whole Santa issue.

I can remember being rather disturbed when I realized that certain events in December did not occur in the manner that they were explained to me. I can also remember my “little professor” classmates being met with knuckle sandwiches on the playground while arguing that Christmas was round and not flat.

Since most children are literate at age five (or prior) and have access to the Internet, what’s going to happen when they consult Google to unravel the Da Vinci code of childhood?

More interestingly, what is going to happen to the holiday itself? Every parent (and some non-parents) that I know have been complaining in recent years that they’re beginning to resent the holiday in its entirety. Many speak of the event losing its meaning and becoming a commercial monster, some electing to refrain from feeding the monster altogether.

If the last bit of “magic” that surrounds Christmas is finally dispelled once and for all by a relational database query, what are we going to be left with?

Its an interesting question, comments as always are welcome.


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