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Why the sudden surge in comment SPAM?

Posted on | December 21, 2007 | No Comments

Holy Viagra Batman! In the last two weeks, my Akismet binspam has nearly quadrupled on average, some days even more than quadrupled. The odd thing about this is that I have not been posting very much (perhaps once a week) and can’t find any new & authoritative back links leading to me.

What the heck! Did someone tie a pork chop to my blog and forget to give it a head start before releasing the dogs? Yikes! Did I cross some kind of invisible line in longevity and posts? I don’t think so, my ranking on Technorati (and those like it) hasn’t changed much. I have a theory – I recently posted some remarks about Microsoft’s AI Santa bot that contained ‘oral sex’ in the title, it was in the Google top 10 for all kinds of funky search phrases for a few weeks.

All of the SPAM has been porn related, so it looks like the bot nets dug google for odd terms, found me, saw my page rank and added me to their list to pester.

I hope that Santa is good to Akismet this year, they’re going to need lots and lots and lots of servers in the not too distant future. I think its truly safe to concur with what others are saying, E-Mail SPAM is out, blog SPAM is the latest craze.

I own spamram.*, I may start compiling and publishing a BL just for comment spamming IPs. It seems to me, the best defense (and help for Akismet) is that the comments never happen in the first place.

Data centers better start taking abuse complaints regarding comment SPAM more seriously, we’re trying to stop back links that push the ranking of malware infested sites (as well as complaining about the annoyance). It seems ironic that in order to do this, we have to become (almost) as irritating as the spammers themselves when dealing with abuse departments.


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