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Where do wits begin?

Posted on | November 28, 2007 | No Comments

I caught myself saying something rather pointless today, “I’m at my wits end.” Later, despite painful introspect, I could find no reliable method of determining the beginning of my wits. How, then, could I be so certain that I was at the end of my wits and not at the beginning?

If something has an end that can be reached but no reachable beginning, that something must be illusionary (or a measure, such as time). We can discuss the end of time since we’ve defined the monolith in which time persists.

What remains is that we can’t reliably abstract or measure anything with wits. Therefore, as witty as this might sound, we have no wits whatsoever. If we had wits, reaching the end of them frequently would indicate wits in a very short supply which is rather disconcerting.

Some prefer to attempt to measure wits as they would measure light. Those with lower readings are typically categorized as ‘dim wits’, opposed by those with higher readings being ‘bright’. Unless we can be sure how dim or bright wits can be, this method of measure continues to be unreliable.

Some measure their wits in combat, often referred to as a battle of wits. The victor of the battle is often determined by the wits of those who observed the battle, who have also failed to reliably measure their wits. This method of wit measurement seems equally unreliable.

I think, perhaps, the next time that someone informs me of reaching their wits end, I’ll kindly inform them that they had no wits to begin with.


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