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Stupid is a misnomer

Posted on | November 15, 2007 | No Comments

I have given thought to our perpetual tenacity to refer to other sentient beings as being ‘stupid’, especially when communicating on-line. Should you be interested, my conclusions are below:

  • If your smart enough to manage to get yourself on-line, you can not possibly be stupid.
  • If you use terms such as ‘r u something’, you must secretly enjoy public ridicule, or our educational system has failed yet another.
  • If all that you care to discuss is the current state of your reproductive organs, you have problems seated far above stupidity, get counseling.

I must retain a degree of sardonicism in an attempt to not take life too seriously, I will refer to those of you who don’t utilize the sense that ‘god gave a brick’ as being brain dead.

Brain dead simply means that one has the capacity for modern thought but the usefulness of such thinking seems to escape them prior to speaking (or typing).

Please import this linguistic patch into your working vocabulary. Calling someone stupid can not possibly be productive. Instead, infer that they are ignoring cognitive resources by implying that they are ‘brain dead’. I’d rather not catapult any kind of insult, however it seems that on-line communication is often not possible without insulting someone.

Never, ever again will I publish my instant messenger information on public forums. That was a very brain dead thing to do. In my defense, I did not expect to find many brain dead people as registered members of technology forums :)


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