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Why can’t they all be like ectio?

Posted on | November 12, 2007 | 2 Comments

I am growing increasingly frustrated with the amount of people who copy my blog in order to boost their search engine rankings to sell Viagra.

I impose a copyright restriction, all rights reserved, for just that purpose. Yes, such restrictions are futile however they do permit me a degree of recourse in shutting down web sites that do nothing but copy other people’s work illegally.

I write a post, within 30 minutes over 50 junk pings pour in from fake blogs that syndicate what I make available via RSS in order to sell you the better boner.

Ectio doesn’t irritate me. I like Ectio, they don’t violate my copyright, they send me visitors and they make a buck or two in the process. Ectio grabs only my post titles, and sends visitors directly to my blog. Yes, there is a jump page involved, however, my content is not being ripped off, what do I care? Its free traffic.

I hope that other bloggers join me in calling December “Scrooge” month for blog aggregators who violate their copyright and send SPAM. Want to join? Its quite simple:

If you find someone ripping off your stuff, you need to send several abuse complaints. Yes, this means, you need to spend an hour each day doing something about the problem rather than simply complaining about it. Complaining does little good, this post will probably be ripped off within minutes of publishing. You need to complain directly to the owner of the IP address, then to whoever is getting paid from ad clicks published by the offending site.

Run a whois lookup on the IP address. If its in the US or UK, send an abuse report to the abuse contact with a formal DMCA notice and spam complaint (for the bogus pings).

Next, e-mail the advertisers shown on the page that ripped your text and do not relent until the page is removed or the advertiser cans the thief’s account.

Time to give blog burglars a lump of coal for the holidays.


2 Responses to “Why can’t they all be like ectio?”

  1. Geoff Dodd - Australia
    November 12th, 2007 @ 2:21 pm

    That’s shocking and i can understand your frustration about the time wasted. Working from home is a demand on your mental faculties enough, without having to deal with thieves. It is actually more enjoyable and rewarding to be creative, producing unique work. Thieves ought to wake up to their own creative potentials, i say. Realize who they are, deep inside.

  2. tinkertim
    November 12th, 2007 @ 3:02 pm

    I really hate enforcing my copyright. Everything that I have produced in the last 10 years is available free or open source. I don’t mind people making verbatim copies of my stuff as long as they preserve copyright.

    What gets very, very irritating are those who just help themselves to chunks of text, making money with ads without even a mention of the author.

    If someone e-mailed me asking for permission to use stuff that I’ve written, I’d typically grant it, no matter what they were hoping to use it for.. so long as they observed a verbatim restriction and left my copyright in tact.

    So, next month, a whole bunch of ad networks and datacenters will be hearing from very irate bloggers. I’m half tempted to mod akismet so these reports can be sent easily by authors.

    I think that you’re right, Geoff. 1/3 of the frustration comes from realizing that creative apathy is the primary reason that we’re so often ‘bloglarized’.

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