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On sale today: Love and sex with robots

Posted on | November 6, 2007 | 1 Comment

I’m such a stinker.

You can’t by your dream android sex machine today, however you can buy a book about why it will surely be common for humans to fall in love with (and have sex with) robots by the year 2050. Take a look at the write up on blorge, the book goes on sale today.

Supposedly, by 2050 advances in robotics and cybernetic skin will make companion robots possible. I sure hope that Microsoft is not around in 2050 and that Sony has nothing to do with these companion robots when they emerge.

You might be able to get one free from Google, if they’re around in 2050. However, every 15 – 20 sentences, the Google companion robot will whisper advertisements and ask to be shared with your friends.

Apple might get into this market, we’re already used to companions tuned to one frequency that we can’t unlock or change.

I write this on the heels of a 3 page rant complaining about the hype surrounding the three companies. Hey, could you resist? At least its funny.


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    [...] the University of Wisconsin (and one of my favorite reads) recently happened upon something that I wrote about in a rather satirical manner, a possible future that prescribes that we’ll be making love (and falling in love) to/with [...]

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