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Apple Gates Google?

Posted on | November 6, 2007 | No Comments

People are extremely interesting. Who needs Court T.V. when you have front row seats in the court of public opinion? Blogs are blazing with Applenoid and Googlenoid people wondering if one, the other or both has become the next ‘Microsoft’. Applenoid and Googlenoid of course alluding to the special kind of paranoia surrounding both companies.

Since we allude to the behavior of Microsoft in both cases, we might as well just call this condition ‘Micronoia’.

I don’t understand the hype. Apple has always sold things that users are not free to modify. I think its great that people have been able to unlock their phones to make them do what they want. Why would you buy a phone that you know is locked and then complain about it being locked? I thought the drastic price drop shortly after introduction (burning early adopters out of $200) was sort of mindless, however lots of companies do mindless things, one of them is named Microsoft. Is every other company that does something goofy in danger of becoming Microsoft?

Then we have the itunes / ipod blitz and people screaming DRM. Because Apple bows to DRM, they must be the next Microsoft. Lots of companies bow to DRM, one of them is named Microsoft.

I expect Google to be Google. This means, I expect lots of ads and applications that run as a service. Yet as they get bigger and bigger as we demand more, they are described by many as becoming the next Microsoft. Lots of companies get bigger and bigger, one of them is named Microsoft. At what point did Google not make it painfully clear that they want you to use their services so that your activities can better shape and target their ads?

It feels like a million people suddenly realized, “Holy cow! The sky is blue!”

I think, what’s really happening is 20 million consumers woke from a zombie like state and decided that they’d rather be customers again. People are now kicking themselves privately for allowing the current giants to be giants, as such, they blame the giants.

The bad, evil iphone sold in record numbers, despite being crippled and intrinsic to one carrier. The bad, evil search engine continues to boast record profits with stock trading at historical numbers for their type of company.

We continue to demonstrate that we’re no longer consumers by doing what customers do best – complaining. While, yes, these companies could stand to be a bit more responsive, we should realize that they were built with money that we gave them.

Complaining doesn’t seem to be doing very much good.

If people focused the same vehemence and diligence that they direct at Apple, Microsoft and Google on to solving education problems and other social issues, this endless cycle of hype and groaning might come to an end :)

Sometimes, I’m really amazed at what captures and holds human attention.


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