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Top ten laughably bad tech ads

Posted on | November 4, 2007 | No Comments

What a month for top 10 lists. C-Net has gathered the 10 worst tech ads of all time (yes, you can watch them) in a really funny compilation.

With so many really really idiotic advertisement campaigns to pick from, C-Net felt the need to repeat the process, with a second top 10.

All in all, 20 (rather funny) amusing wastes of bandwith are on display. The ads are kept to a dull roar, whoever put this together had quite a bit of fun and it shows.

This is the second time that my beloved Commodore 64 was featured in the top ten ‘worst’ of something in a seven day period! I’m beginning to suspect a conspiracy of some kind. Everything from ancient funnies to recent anti-piracy ads are covered, a rather entertaining view. Thanks for the laugh and trip down memory lane, c-net person(s) :) I’m old enough to remember most of those commercials.

This is likely the first (and last) time that I recommend people go watch bad advertisements. Enjoy :)


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