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A few new tools for Xen

Posted on | October 31, 2007 | No Comments

I’ve updated my xmlpulse tools to include some new features, including a program that queries xenstat to produce PHP arrays of guests. Also included is a program to dump guest information into simple bash arrays, handy for scripts. Dom ID, CPU usage, ram usage , etc are included.

Libxenstat is sort of like libvirt, much less functionality. Libxenstat is just for Xen. I used xenstat because it ships with all 3.x versions of Xen so that people don’t have to install other libs to compile and use the programs.

XMLPulse will produce xml-ized networking statistics, /proc monitoring on dom-0 and even comes with a non-xen version for keeping tabs on a standard servers running the Linux kernel.

You can grab a .tgz of the programs here (md5′s also there) or grab the repository using Mercurial at

Some sample output of the programs (xml, bash, php) can be found here.

Suggested use would be to run the utilities via keyed SSH (or something like SRCE) directing their output to a file, then just include() source or parse them, depending on the format you want.

xm-phpdomains is rather handy for a quick and dirty Xen control panel written in PHP. I’m not yet done with all of the programs, see the todo list as well as obvious things like needing to consolidate functions.

Happy Xenning :)


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