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Google tweaks and bloggers weep

Posted on | October 28, 2007 | No Comments

I am always fascinated with, if not captivated by the measure of delight that human beings reserve for complaining. I have yet to meet a single person in my lifetime who I have not personally witnessed complaining about something.

Many Internet users (including this Internet user) have been complaining at great lengths and fervor regarding the degree that Google Adsense enables Internet pollution. If you don’t visit this blog in any frequency, It might help you to know that I delight in complaining about web sites that display more advertisements than text. I often name these web sites “web sites that have ADD: Advertisement Displacement Disorder” (advertisements displacing text making the text rather incidental).

Google is cracking down, big time. Vast networks of web sites under some central control linking to each-other (a.k.a Internally Linking Networks) have suffered a fate worse then death : <gasp> their Google Page Rank took a dive after Google’s latest updates! </gasp>

A flurry of blog reactions erupted in such a short amount of time afterwards that one could almost say immediately. took a hit, I found this rather amusing. I really don’t like following links to Forbes because Forbes presents me with an intro screen showing a really big advertisement. I would be delighted to learn that such “in your face” ad pushing made web sites score lower on the rank scale, the Internet would improve as well as the quality of articles on news sites.

Others implied that Google is picking on web sites that are often critical of Google. I’m often critical of Google, especially when it comes to their advertising networks. My page rank went up in many places, I was rather pleased :) Everyone is a conspiracy theorist when you get close to their wallet, it seems.

We screamed for Google to clear out the junk (and to stop enticing the junk), Google takes steps … and we still complain. Look at me, I’m complaining about people complaining too much.

What a World that The Internet has become, or should that be reversed?


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