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Big, fat, rich losers

Posted on | October 25, 2007 | No Comments

In a recent press release, Jonathan Tranter unveils a plan to help anyone turn digital lead into gold. The program (named The Big Fat Rich Losers Network) aims to assist those who have lots of Internet domains that never quite took off.

The thinking behind the network seems rather simple. If I have a web site that earns roughly $1 – $2 per day, the property would be considered a financial loser. If I had 200 of those sites well tuned to offer visitors a variety of information, each making $1 – $2 daily, the properties combined would be considered a financial success.

This is not ‘just another’ link sharing network, BFRL has purchased a large quantity of servers, all deployed with the GNU/Linux – GNU/XenLinux operating systems. Their network is geared so that members avoid becoming a victim of their own success, if your sites ‘take off’, resources to meet increased traffic are allocated to you.

A look at the program’s web site gives more details. Program members get everything needed to quickly re-vitalize junk domains, from scripts to pull in affiliate feeds (E-Bay, Youtube and more) all the way to non-contiguous class C IP blocks to help with SEO.

This seems to be a pretty well thought out program, especially for those who have been wondering why the domain parking business isn’t doing so well these days. This time last year, I had nearly 300 domains that were just idle, many of them registered while processing orders that later turned out to be fraud. I tried Sedo and similar services, I never had any luck making a penny back from those domains. I wish something like this had come along then :)

I’ve known Jonathan quite a while, this looks to be a pretty smart move. If you have domains that aren’t doing anything other than existing, try this program. If you have a little money to invest in net property, pick up a few hundred domains and try the program.


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